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Google and Facebook combine a large number of effective tools that allow you to build and maintain not just full marketing campaigns, but also your independent sales funnels.

Google provides a range variety of tools, including its own search engine system Adwords, Youtube, applications, Gmail and DoubleClick with its irreversibility audience reach from crypto sites like CoinMarketCap to Reddit.

Facebook specifically allows you to attract the initial target audience to your project via the display advertising, stimulate its further activity and growth afterward with the help of native posts and video promotion, and finally, consolidate it with additional activities like touch in instant messengers and Instagram.

Facebook and Adwords are not very friendly to such a niche as the ICO and the crypt as a whole - often banning accounts from which advertising is conducted. Our media buying team knows how to circumvent such prohibitions using special developments. This allows us to bypass all prohibitions and without any problems to conduct advertising campaigns for ICO projects.

All campaigns we conduct from our accounts, we use our payment systems. Risk for the client does not. It is possible to conduct campaigns only for those countries that will be of interest to the client. All you need from the client for the start is a banner and payment. We launch, we conduct, we optimize all the campaigns. Every day we provide a report on the budget and results.

    Targeted advertising on FACEBOOK.

  • 1. Access to the site through the admin panel;
  • 2. Linking a site to Google analytics, Yandex metric, Google tag manager and facebook pixel for full tracking of traffic;
  • 3. Creating of selling creatives with text;
  • 4. Creating a sales funnel (maintaining targeted traffic before receiving the lead)
  • 5. Full set of targeted ads settings on Facebook.
  • 6. Retargeting of advertising;
  • 7. Online customer support 7 days a week;
  • 8. Daily reports on the cost of the advertising campaign;
  • 9. Reports on advertising indicators (CTR, CPM);
  • 10. What is the Yandex metric stands for? We can see every step of the target audience on the site, the most often actions.

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