Launching a bounty campaign is a must have nowadays. Get thousands of people advertise your project online, spread news in the web, write and film reviews, and help you grow the community every day. With a proper bounty campaign, you will create hype around your project, get more traffic and, thus, more participants.

At CryptoTrafficMarket, we think clients first. That’s why we don’t limit our work to creating a bounty topic on Bitcointalk forum . We initially analyze your token economy and marketing needs so that you get relevant and effective bounty activities.

  • We create and maintain a dedicated bounty group chat or even several group chats for different languages.
  • We prepare weekly reports on the reward campaign status and the number of participants.
  • Currently, our database of potential bounty campaign participants contains more than 200,000 emails and Telegram usernames. Are you ready to make use of it?
  • Topic creation, tg group, spreadsheets and activities analysis = 350$
  • Moderation = 300$ / weekly + 5% of bounty token allocation.
  • Bounty promotion at 30 trackers
  • 1000 members guaranteed — Free
  • 5000 members guaranteed — 3800$
  • 10 000 members guaranteed — 6700$
  • 25 000 members guaranteed — 12200$

Number of views of your topic can also affect the number of participants in your campaign. A large number of views can mean a lot of attention to your topic from other forum members and will attract more and more new audiences. We can increase the number of views a hundreds times!

  • 10000 views – 150$
  • 100000 views 1000$

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