Community Management

As you launch a project, be ready to answer tons and millions of users’ questions. And it’s no surprise since many people don’t have time and possibility to study long White Papers or scroll through all pages on your website. For that reason, it is vital to provide 24/7 support and community management so that your potential investors could get immediate full answers.

We are sure that a professional community manager is as important as a good sales rep. They both engage potential customers, resolve their doubts, and lead them towards the purchase.

  • Our community managers engage the audience, especially new members, into a conversation. They use all the available tools to interact with token holders and potential buyers.
  • Community managers add new informative posts and answer any arising questions.
  • They also use anti spam-bots, ban spammers, and protect your community.
  • 8 hours / daily = 900$ / monthly
  • 24 / 7 = 1600$ / monthly

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