Investment funds

The majority of successful ICO/STO/IEO projects don’t bother with crowdfunding - they reach their hard cap at the private round.All you need to do to become one of them is find trustworthy investment funds or private seed investors interested in your project. OR you can let us do all the dirty job for you and simply reap the fruit.

  • We undergo the whole procedure for you: create an investment offer, send it out to the most suitable funds and large private investors, conduct negotiations, and reach final agreements.
  • Our database contains the contacts of all major crypto funds and some large private investors who might be interested in your project.
  • We will create your offer (usually we create a onepager if you do not have it) and send it out via email and telegram. It is included into the price.
  • It takes 1 week to contact all funds. The price for the service is 2000$.

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