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Have you ever heard the idea that if you collaborate with several crypto influencers, you may neglect other marketing activities? Well, it is true to some extent, yet there are a couple of pitfalls.

The thing is that almost 98% of YouTube and Telegram crypto bloggers have fake stats as they simply buy views, likes, and comments. For this reason, it is hard to find those opinion leaders who can really make a difference. And, unfortunately, if you start searching on your own, you will most probably just waste your precious time and money. The good news is that we have already found powerful crypto influencers that can bring your project to the moon. Their reviews will attract a huge wave of traffic to your website and significantly increase a conversion rate.

  • We have 32 YouTube crypto bloggers and 25 Telegram crypto influencers who are ready to collaborate with new projects.
  • ROI (return on investment) for one review is over 400% on average. This makes collaboration with opinion leaders and influencers one of the most efficient ICO services on the web.
  • Our team can create a FREE outline of a video script containing the key points that are to be covered for the best possible result.
  • We provide FREE help in creating a referral program for influencers for maximum sales outcomes.
  • Sales structure for key points that are to be said in video review in order to have maximum sales = FREE.

    Help in creating a referral program for influencers to have maximum sales = FREE.

    Average price for 1 review is 1000$.

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