Reddit Promotion


    Passive promotion

  • we create and set up subreddits, which themselves make publications and can promote themselves without the help of people, examples:

    Active promotion

  • we launch media advertising: we publish content and promote it to the Top subreddits.
  • We work with client content, make editing and adaptation for Reddit.
  • placed promotional comments in Reddit


  • creation and personal design
  • filling in information and creating a funnel (+ UTM tracking)
  • add information widgets
  • setting up auto-posting from different sources to create information leads that will generate traffic - up to 10 sources, up to 10 posts per day. Connection of any sources is possible.
  • Cost $400

Reddit media advertising: the average cost of 1 publication is $10 (this includes editing and adaptation of content, promotion of publications, communication with the audience, weekly reports). We calculate the exact cost of media advertising in a single campaign, after studying the client. For example: 100 publications within 1 month will cost ~ $1000 to reach more than 90,000 people.The minimum advertising campaign costs $100 and includes 8-10 publications with coverage of more than 5,000 people.

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