What are we doing:
    • Complete visual design, we create 15 individual graphic elements, we can make an avatar and a community banner in the form of a GIF animation.
    • We automate the community, publications and comments will appear regularly and automatically. We work with the Reddit API and create a custom solution for content and comments.
    • We fill the community with basic content and links, connect it with the business, add an FAQ, increase engagement and conversion rate.

    • We launch targeted advertising and bring subscribers to the community.
    • We promote the community using natural methods such as cross-posting and commenting with a link.
    • Offer A for 750 USD includes: [Brand community + 1 year automation + One page Reddit marketing guide + 6 promo posts. Completed in 7 days]. The result: a full-fledged community that does not require human intervention, which will generate at least 100 unique visitors per month. You save at least 1000 USD on salaries for SMM specialists.
    • Offer B for 1600 USD: [Offer A] + targeted advertising with a budget of 200 USD. Result: from 100 subscribers, 2000 unique visitors.
    • Offer C for 2500 USD: [Offer A] + 12 promo posts + targeted advertising with a budget of 400 USD + personal support for 1 month.
    • You can add promo posts for 2 USD, for example Case A + 20 promo posts: 750 + 60 = 810 USD.

    • Q: What publications will be in the community?
    • A: Posts that fully explain the business to visitors will be pinned.

  • Automatic publications will contain content from other sources, for example, from a blog or YouTube channel, thematic news, images and videos, a weekly news-digest with a selection of the most trending content of the week from the Internet and Twitter, reposts of trending publications from other reddit communities

    • Q: How often will automatic posts appear?
    • A: 5 times a week

    • Q: Any comments?
    • A: We copy comments from other users from similar posts in other sources, so comments will appear live, relevant and unbiased.

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