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99% of users will check your social media accounts before buying tokens. It’d be frustrating if they found empty pages with almost no activity, right?

At CryptoTrafficMarket, we believe that social media is the soul of the project. Thus, it has to be alive and vibrant. And we do our best to keep it this way at all times

  • We plan all the content in advance to avoid any gaps in posting. Then we submit a 30-day content plan for your approval and make any necessary amendments.
  • Every day we publish catchy posts, taking care of the design, wording, and all the essential attributes of social media, such as links, emojis, and hashtags. Such posts attract free organic traffic and allow us to grow your community.
  • You may choose one or several social media recommended for ICO/STO/IEO projects (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Medium, Telegram, and Reddit). Besides, we may provide special service for any other social networks of your choice. And the best part is that no matter how many accounts you choose, the price will remain the same!
  • Audit of your social media accounts = FREE
  • Monthly price for daily posts to any 6 social media accounts = 1500$

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