Native promotion on twitter

    On Twitter, We make bots that support this or that project using:
    • Posting content from the company's blog
    • Retweet tweets of the main company account
    • Reacts to mentions "$", "#", "crypto", "blockchain", "De Fi" by keywords and writes a positive comment, puts like
    • Follows and likes similar users to attract attention.
    • The account contains a link to the site and the main Twitter account of the organization, as well as the company logo is present in the banner or logo.

  • Such a bot costs $ 250 per month, but I make from 3pcs. from 700 $ / month.

    Bots gain weight over several months of activity, the average result per bot:
    • 1st month: up to 10 thousand coverage, up to 200 profile visitors, up to 200 subscribers
    • 2nd month: up to 15 thousand coverage, up to 500 profile visitors, up to 100 clicks on links, up to 400 subscribers
    • 3rd month: up to 30 thousand coverage, up to 1000 profile visitors, up to 300 clicks on links, up to 600 subscribers

  • That is, in 3 months 1 bot will generate ~ 50 thousand coverage, 1700 profile visitors, 600 subscribers and 400 clicks on links.
  • 3 bots in 3 months: up to 150 thousand coverage, 5100 profile visitors, 1800 subscribers, 1200 clicks on links.
  • And it will cost $ 2100.

    I provide:
    • reports monthly
    • when blocking occurs, I will make a free replacement
    • all bots can be watched online from one Twitter window (Twitter list)

    • Q: What will happen to the bot if the monthly payment stops paying for it?
    • A: the bot will continue to publish the company's content, but it will not follow, like and support discussions on key mentions "$", "#", "crypto", "blockchain", "De Fi" and the bot guarantee is leveled, that is, if it banned, I can no longer help. The bot will still generate reach and traffic, already for free, but with the disadvantages described above.

  • What else is important. This method of promotion is designed for the medium and long term, you should not expect that by paying in the first month, you will receive a 100% return on investment (although it is possible). Bots reveal their potential at a distance of 3 months.
  • Here are examples:

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